China | Joe Walsh Tours


China has a rapidly changing culture, a country so rich in ancient history combined with a thriving economy makes for a fascinating tour for any group. There is no better time to visit and observe how ancient and new cultures can co-exist!

Although China is usually associated with the iconic Panda Bear and Xi'an Terracotta Warriors , it is a country that offers so much more - we are happy to incorporate some language classes or business studies workshops into your visit!

Highlights include:
» Learn about China’s ancient history and culture with a visit to the Forbidden City, Tianamen Square
» Walk or hike along The Great Wall and enjoy the extensive views of Chinese and Mongolian countryside
» Visit The Bird’s Nest Stadium in Beijing, home to 2008 Olympic Games.
» Venture to the top of Shanghai’s Oriental Pearl TV Tower and enjoy the wonderful sights of the city and The Bund waterfront.